Delivered By
Pastor Reginald T. Cox
Delivered On
April 7, 2019


08-11-2019 at 9:05 AM
Praise the Lord!
I enjoyed this message very much. I am from Carrollton, Ga. and I was googling to see if there was a PAofW church in Colorado Springs as I have a son there and was going to ask him if he knew of you all. He was brought up under a great man of God in the PAofW. He has a heart for the word of God and is currently attending college for his doctorate degree in ministry. I realize that a degree is a degree but I am happy that his mind and heart is for Jesus and for spreading His word. Please keep this young man in your prayers. I agree that we had better get and/or stay anchored in Jesus because in this day that we are in, He is and has always been our protection, our provider, our way out. This sermon made me think of a dream that the Lord gave me some years ago. I was in a city, but there was water all around, the waters seemed to be troubled, no land to be seen. However, there were boats out on the waters. Boats with tented covers on them. There was a boat in front of me as I was standing on a small protrusion on the side of the building. The entrance on the cover was pulled back for me to get in and I did. The Lord let me know to get in the boat and stay in the boat because there was safety in the boat. I know that I will be fine as long as I stay in Jesus and He in me.
God Bless
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